Toronto Life
Aug. 2009
Seamus O’Regan

He’s juggling Canada AM, The O’Regan Files and a newish dog. Ten things this early-to-rise host can’t live without
By Amy Verner

1. My dog
My labradoodle, Rhys, is an utter joy. I love going out, but now that I have him, I spend more time at home, reading and writing with him curled up beside me.

2. My wake-up call I have two alarm clocks and a BlackBerry that all go off at 4 a.m. I keep the clocks on the other side of the bed­room, and then the overnight writer at Canada AM calls my land line to confirm that I’m up.

3. Tintin wall art
I learned to read with Tintin comics. I’m a horrible romantic about him: it was inspiring to see a messy-haired blond kid become a journalist and an adventurer. My house is decorated with prints of him in action.

4. My trainer
Sender Deutsch at SHAPE (261 Davenport Rd., 416-929-8444) is my man. He’s smart: it’s like I’m getting trained by a brainiac instead of the guy who used to beat me up in high school. I started working with him two years ago because I thought I looked a little too Doogie Howser.

5. My briefcase
My absolute favourite thing is my eight-year-old brief­case from Betty Hemmings Leather­goods (162 Cumberland St., 416-921-4321). I spent an obscene amount of money on it.

6. My drink
My cousins took me to Dora Keogh (141 Danforth Ave., 416-778‑1804) when I was in town for an audition nine years ago and told me, “This will be your local,” even though I hadn’t been offered the job yet. Now I celebrate my birthday there every year. The owner, John Maxwell, raised me from Black Bush whiskey to Redbreast.

7. Labradorite ring
My dad gave it to me when I was 21. The mineral is from Labrador, like me, and it was made by John Goudie, a Labrador artist. My knuckles have grown bigger with age, and now I can barely get it off.

8. British news­papers
I’m fanatical about the Guardian and the Sunday Observer. You read things you would never even notice on the Web because of the way the papers are laid out.

9. Hot and sour soup
I like to people-watch at Nota Bene (180 Queen St. W., 416-977-6400). It’s better than Paris: I sit at the bar facing the window and order the hot and sour soup. I feel bad for the other appetizers. I’m sure they’re good, but I can’t deal without my soup.

10. Diana Krall
I’m a huge fan and couldn’t hide it when I interviewed her last spring. A few weeks later, I was leaving the bar at the Four Seasons and a sexy blonde in a black trench coat called my name. She told me it was a good interview, and I thought, OK, I can retire now.